Senin, 28 September 2015

Contoh Judul Skripsi Teknik Informatika

Sample collection Title Thesis Informatics 2015
Analysis of the implementation of knowledge management relationship to investigators on the case study research institutes _ Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
Knowledge Sharing Bottleneck analysis using Social Network Analysis approach _ a case study of IT-IS Development Division PT X
Analysis of the University of Indonesia students' perceptions about the quality of service of the University Library Indonesia
Analysis prevention system and emergency response to the fire at the Central Library of the University of Indonesia in 2012
Event extraction in the Indonesian language text through a machine learning approach / comparison method of association rules, decision tree, and neural networks
The information needs of users in a community site
Konstitutsi Court decision support system for cases of disputed election results HA
Student information systems development and alumni relations (SIMAHALUM) Fasilkom UI
Application File Sharing Web Based Learning For Local Network Uns
Intrusion Detection System (Ids) Using Neural Network Ensemble
Training Neural Network Multi Layer Perceptron Using a Genetic Algorithm Levenberg Marquardt
Application of GARCH and back propagation neural network in forecasting the JCI (Joint Stock Price Index)
Influence on Performance Learning Function Neural Network Backpropagation Training Case Study: Composite Stock Price Index in Indonesia Stock Exchange
The introduction of the tone on the violin strings with the method of artificial neural network learning vector quantization
Bandwidth Needs Forecasting Using Neural Networks Backpropagation With Input Based on Best Subsets Regression Case Study: Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences University of March
High forecasting Advance Solo River Water Using Neural Network Backpropagation with Levenberg Marquardt algorithm and Modified Levenberg Marquardt
Comparison of Probabilistic Methods Naive Bayesian Classifier and Neural Network Learning Vector Quantization In Case Classification Gynecology
Premature Ventricular Contraction Detection System Using Neural Network Features QRS complex, Interval Rr, and Segment St
Travelling salesman problem using Hopfield network use
Computerized Application Development Web-Based Learning Module State Smk Jenawi Karanganyar
Study accuracy falling ball viscometer and the viscometer Ostwald and manufacture of simulation computer program viscometer
Almost Stochastic Dominance And Its Application In Rice Production in Indonesia
Analysis of Loss-Loss Optical Fiber As a result macrobending Potential Sensor Applications Moving Expenses (Weight In Motion)
Application Algorithm to Classify Customer Data Cart Joint Life Insurance Bumiputera 1912 Surakarta
Application of genetic algorithms for multiple hemlholtz resonator design optimization using Matlab 7.0
Phantom detailed image analysis applications with digital data conversion method to a data matrix to increase the contrast of the image using film imaging plate
Applications Dashboard For Module Executive Information System For Data Analysis Export Furniture in Indonesia
Application File Sharing Web Based Learning For Local Network Uns
Applications cobb-Douglas production function in menestimasi Surakarta city hotel tax revenue based on the number of workers and visitors of the hotel
Applications resistivity geoelectric method to estimate the sliding plane Throughout the landslide in the village, Tawangmangu sub-district, district Karanganyar
Application Configuration Methods Geolistrik resistivity Dipole-Dipole To Identify Potential Distribution of Galena (Pbs)
Application Configuration Schlumberger resistivity Geolistrik Method To Identify Aquifer as a Source Water Additional Rainfed Rice Plupuh In District Sragen
Booking and Payment Application Web-Based Car Rental Final Project
Application Processing Value Raport For Academic Services On State Sd Kartodipuran No. 21
Mobile Sales Web-Based Applications
Applications Presentation Airboard with Image Tracking Laser Pointer
Digital Map Information Systems Applications for Schools Study Secondary Education in Region Karanganyar
Application Software 3 Dimensional Inversion In Interpretation Distribution of Groundwater (Case Study Platarejo And Hamlet Hamlet Selorejo)
Implementation Web Service In Real Application Count and Summary of the Spring Framework Java Danhibernate Case Study Pilgub Dapil Nganjuk
Web application development for Internet-based temperature measurement
Computerized Application Development Web-Based Learning Module State Smk Jenawi Karanganyar
Mobile Application Development Ex-Surakarta Tourism Object-Based Android
Multimedia Application Development Java Language Learning for Elementary Students Grades 2
Creation of multimedia applications prayer guidance madhhab case studies Ja'fari and Shafii madhhab
Making Application-Based Interactive Learning Song Macapat Adobe Flash For Students Smp
Making the shift of the Land-Based Detection Prototype Ultrasonic Sensor and Microcontroller Atmega8535 As Potential Applications Early Warning System Landslide
Application of Apriori Association Rule In Business Analytic Application Data Against Graduation At the University of March (UNS)
Fire development of e-Learning to Build Applications eFront 3.6.10 M-Learning-Based Android
Web Development Service On Learning Management System Dokeos To Build M-Learning-Based Applications Android
Ppembuatan Application Development Application Online Store Woodworking Woodworking